Monday, May 11, 2009

Flight Crew Awake; Atlantis Fueling Underway

Atlantis stands ready for today's launch at 6.25 am ET

The seven member crew of the space shuttle Atlantis awoke this morning to begin final preparations for their launch this afternoon on a 11-day mission to repair and service the Edwin Hubble Space Telescope.

The crew consisting of Commander Scott Altman, Pilot Gregory Johnson and mission specialists John Grunsfeld and Mike Massimino, Andrew Feustel, Michael Good and Megan McArthur, awoke at 5:30 am EDT from the top story of the Operations and Checkout building here at the Kennedy Space Center.

About an hour earlier, at 4:41 am EDT, the launch team in the firing room was given the go to begin fueling operations in which nearly 500,000 gallons of super cold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are pumped into the huge rust colored tank for flight. These fuels when mixed fuel the space shuttle main engines for the eight and a half minute climb to space.

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