Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Atlantis prepares to Release Hubble Today

The crew of Atlantis will release the Hubble Space Telescope back into the ocean of space this morning following a major overhaul and successful servicing mission to keep the astronomy platform operational through 2014.

Hubble release is planned for 8:57 am EDT.

The seven member crew which includes commander Scott Altman, pilot Greg Johnson and mission specialists John Grunsfeld, Andrew Feustel, Megan McArthur, Mike Massimino and Michael Good awoke this morning at 4:31 am EDT, to the music of Lie in Our Graves performed by the Dave Matthews Band - played especially for McArthur.

Following their morning wake up, the crew went right to work, as McArthur brought the shuttle's 50 foot robotic arm's end effector over to grapple Mr. Hubble's Telescope in preperation for deployment. She grappled the telescope at 6:45 am EDT.

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