Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atlantis Crew Talks to Reporters Today

The seven members of the shuttle Atlantis spoke to reporters this morning, a day after releasing the newly serviced Hubble Space Telescope back into space.

Atlantis' commander Scott Altman, pilot Greg Johnson and mission specialists John Grunsfeld, Mike Massimino, Andrew Feustel, Michael Good and K. Megan McArthur floated on the flight deck and began taking questions at 10:29 am EDT.

For 35 minutes as Atlantis flew over the Pacific Ocean, the crew gave great insight into their experiences on this mission as they approached Hubble and the fun for four of crew as they spacewalked outside of Atlantis in support of the repairs.

At 12:06 pm EDT today, the crew will next talk with the crew of the international space station. Also, according to the White House this morning, the crew will receive a call from President Obama ata bout 5:45 pm.

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